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After a great training month in January, I was going through a strenuous strength block with a hope of hitting a few personal bests as this has not been the case for almost 2 years now with having surgery in 2012. I set targets in my head of where I wanted to be in the gym and what I would be happy with. This training block could not have gone better, I was feeling great in the gym, volume in my medicine was coming down so I was feeling explosive and technically in my throwing this was improving and so were the distances. Recovery has been the most crucial in this phase and thanks to Sci-MX Nutrition for supplying me with the supplements to give me the best possible chance. Recovery has been monitored by Myithlete to see when my body is breaking down to stay away from any injuries. The target for me was going to be The Winter Throws competition on March 1st in Loughborough (Sadly this competition was not organised for some reason so this was cancelled and many felt aggrieved with the National Governing Body for allowing this too happen). I have carried on with my taper and feel in great shape! I know my body works well once the volume is taken out so hopefully in the build up to The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, tapering will have the same effect!After my strength block we carried out
some testing with mainly the explosive lifts. The training had paid off! The 5 exercises that were tested, I had 4 personal bests! Really happy with this and know that there is more there! Season Bests have also been hit in my Overhead Shot, Caber Throw, Standing Jump and 3 Bunny Hops! For an athlete, this helps mentally as you are not too sure on what shape you are in as you are just not competing and for me this is a big part as distances with the javelin doesn’t happen in training so now I know physically I am on the right track which will also help mentally! After a little taper I an now going back into a good block of training before heading out with the Welsh Athletics Team to Portugal on the 11th April where I will be reunited with my old coach and mentor John Davies who has agreed to come on the trip with me to take care of all my technical work! Cheers JD! Depending on what shape I feel I am in and how things are going, I will possibly look for a competition in Portugal to get my season underway and to put a mark down before the season starts at Loughborough International in May! Well that’s it for now and will update you all soon! Thanks for reading!
Lee Doran

Lee Doran - World Class Javelin Thrower