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After sitting down and reflecting on my Season of 2012 and missing out on selection for the Olympics in London I had a deep feeling inside of me that it was time to move on and change my current regime in Cardiff.  I knew how hard this would be, not only for myself, but also for my Coach, John Davies, who had built such a strong team around me, who have been incredible.  As for any athlete there is a team behind them who do not get enough credit for what they do.  Although I suffered an injury this year which hampered my season, I still felt within myself that I should have thrown further than I did.  People who know me, especially my Coach, Jon, know that I am very critical of myself as a person and as an athlete and always want to do whatever it will take to make me into a world class athlete.

I have been with John Davies now for around 8 years whilst being based in Cardiff. The Journey with John has been incredible and I couldn’t have picked a better person/coach to spend it with. I went from a 66m thrower and finished the 2012 season as a 79.72m thrower. I would like to thank John who has helped me and taken me to where I am today!

I decided around 2 months ago that I was going to move from Cardiff and join a new coach and javelin group in Loughborough. The coach is named Esa Utriainen who is the UKA National Coach and who myself and John have been working closely with over the past 2 years. Esa has been John’s ‘mentor’ who we have both learnt so much from during this time. After selection Esa was my first choice as a coach and he gratefully accepted me into his group. With Esa being a 90m thrower himself I feel he can take me into the next stage of my career and help me reach those Major Championship Finals.

With all the minor things finalised, I am now set to start full time training in Loughborough on 22nd October. I am looking forward to moving to a new location and starting a new regime with a new coach. My girlfriend Bethany Woodward will also be with me and I am extremely glad of that as she is very important to me.

I would like to share a few photos of the great times I had with ‘Coach’ John Davies and thank you again John, I couldn’t have asked for anything else from you!

Lee Doran

World Class Javelin Thrower