Darren is a successful business man who understands how to manage a business and the people within it. His business talents have been transferred to the sporting world and he is now a RFU registered agent and a UK Athletics approved agent. Whilst enjoying rugby, Darren’s main passion is athletics and he and Choice Agency currently manage several talented athletes.
Choice: an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more opportunities
The word choice literally speaks for itself; you are the choice act and we are the people that want to represent you and help you to make the correct decisions throughout and after your sporting career. In representing you our aim is to provide you with sound advice to allow you to compete at the highest level whilst at the same time maximising your commercial earning power.
Who we represent and what services we provide:
We are a young, innovative and fast moving sports agency that represents both young and mature sports people in various sporting fields.
At present our particular strengths lie in athletics, rugby and football. Depending on an individual’s situation, we aim to;
  • - Evaluate your current situation and provide sound advice on your next steps forward
  • - Advise on potential sporting opportunities
  • - Surround you with a team of people who can help maximise your sporting potential
  • - Open the door to commercial sponsors
  • - Open the door to commercial and media opportunities
  • - Provide sound financial and tax advice now and in the future
  • - Be a fan, colleague and friend
With ‘our people’, numerous contacts within the sporting fraternity and a can do attitude, we feel Choice Agency is well positioned to assist you in achieving your sporting and commercial goals.

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